The Most Overrated Players in Fantasy Football

These are the most overrated players in fantasy football – these players are drafted way above their value. Name recognition, performance a couple years ago, and “star quality” all play a part. Chances are you’re paying too much if you’re drafting these players.

Overrated Running Backs

Mikel Leshoure
He did well last year, but there’s a new top dog in town. Reggie Bush will be seeing the bulk of the carries for the 2013 Lions. Leshoure is just a high-end handcuff.

Vick Ballard
Another player who has been relegated to RB2 on their offense. Ahmad Bradshaw was picked up by the Colts and will be their runningback until he gets injured. Ballard is a great handcuff to have, given Bradshaw’s history, but you should avoid them both for that very reason unless you can get a great deal on Bradshaw (~7th round).

The St. Louis Rams
There will be some sort of committee backfield for the Rams this year. Isaiah Pead, Zac Stacy, and Daryl Richardson are all useful in different situations, but they add up to a major headache for fantasy football. Stay away.

Bernard Pierce
While Pierce is a good player, no coach is going to play him over Ray Rice unless Rice needs a breather. Pierce is just a handcuff and should be drafted as such.

Robert Turbin
Another overvalued handcuff. Next.

Ben Tate
Perennially overdrafted. Yes, he’s the handcuff for one of the best running backs in the game, but that pick would probably be better spent on a quality WR2.

Steven Jackson
He’s a beast, but remember he’ll be playing with Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Roddy White. There will be plenty of competition for TDs. Don’t grab him until at least the 4th round – there will be more productive players still on the board.

Ronnie Hillman
The least exciting of the Denver backs. He’s going about a round before he should in most drafts.

Overrated Wide Receivers

Hakeem Nicks
The Giants have a tough schedule this year, and Nicks will be hit-or-miss because of it. It’s better to have a quality player that you can count on every week than one that will make or break every game.

Michael Floyd
Floyd had one good game last year. Andre Roberts is the Cardinal you want.

Mike Wallace
Major downgrade on the arm sending balls his way. Don’t grab him until the 9th round.

Greg Jennings
A huge downgrade at QB for this WR, too. On top of that, he only averaged ~10 yards per reception last year. Hugely overvalued. 10th round talent.

Justin Blackmon
Out for the first 4 games of the season, and will be consistently mediocre after that.

Kenny Britt
The numbers just aren’t there for Britt. A late-round pickup at best – maybe a bye week fill-in, but no more.

Josh Gordon
I don’t trust any Brown not named Trent Richardson to put up the numbers for a winning team.

Dwayne Bowe
I”ll believe that the Chiefs have a passing attack when I see it. Jamaal Charles is the only player in Kansas City who knows how to make a big play.

Victor Cruz
Tremendously overvalued. Again, the Giants have a tough schedule this year and Cruz will put up second-tier or third-tier numbers.

Larry Fitzgerald
He’s a great player, and if I were playing real football I’d want him on my team. However, for fantasy purposes he’s just too inconsistent to be considered a stud. I wouldn’t grab him until the 6th round, and by then someone will probably have already overpaid and taken him.

Overrated Quarterbacks

Eli Manning
Oh how the mighty have fallen. A tough schedule for the Giants and a plethora of great quarterbacks in the league relegate Eli to QB2 status.

Colin Kaepernick
Defenses in the NFL will be much better prepared for the rushing quarterback this year, and Kaepernick doesn’t have a lot of value in his arm. He’s a decent bench stash, but I wouldn’t start him Week 1.

Ryan Tannehill
He belongs on the waiver wire, not on your team.

Overrated Tight Ends

Coby Fleener
He’s a bust when it comes to fantasy football. I’d pick up Dwayne Allen first.

Jermichael Finley
Rodgers has 3 great options at WR – he doesn’t really need Finley.

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